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The Gallifreyan Scribe

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The Gallifreyan Scribe

The Gallifreyan Scribe is a translator tool, which generates text in Circular Gallifreyan by Loren Sherman. Free and running in the browser – it is perfect to generate cool design inspired by BBC show Doctor Who for wallpapers or RPG handouts.

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Marble Tilt

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Marble Tilt

Marble Tilt is a simple, casual game inspired by classic marble maze games. Use your dexterity and tilt your phone to lead all marbles to the target – the game uses real-world gravity! Will you be able to complete all the levels?

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Voice Chess

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Voice Chess

Play one of the most popular games of all times – chess! With the power of voice recognition, you can control pieces on virtual board just by verbal commands. Whether you are a seasoned player with high ranking or just a beginner, Voice Chess have something for you.

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About Me

Hello, I am Mikołaj Mijakowski sometimes also known as Mitos. Currently, I'm a Mathematics student at the University of Warsaw. I'm interested in (of course) mathematics, especially in a field of differential geometry and projective spaces. But my main passion is computer graphics – from its mathematical basis and theory of curves, splines and other geometrical primitives and transformations to practical implementations in game engines and interactive software.

I have about 7 years of experience working with various game engines. My first projects were made in Unity, then I started experimenting with other choices, such as Unreal Engine and Godot. For the last 3 years I've been also playing directly with OpenGL and my own rendering projects.

In my spare time I really enjoy reading books, mostly fantasy and science-fiction or casually playing chess. I'm also an avid player in tabletop role-playing games, and even sometimes a Game Master too.

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