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Marble Tilt

Marble Tilt is a simple, casual game inspired by classic marble maze games. Use your dexterity and manipulate your phone as the dots reacts to the real gravity.
Complete all the levels belonging to varius sections. Each section has its own features like colour-splited obstacles, bouncing dots or walls. More new sections are coming soon!
To play Marble Tilt you need a device with accelerometer and touchscreen. The game only supports Android phones and tablets.

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Voice Tic-Tac-Toe

Play the classical game of Tic Tac Toe with voice commands!
Play with a friend or computer with three difficulty levels. Perform your moves just by saying simple commands to the app. Every command is built with simple pattern: firstly you say which sign you would place and then where to place it.
The Voice Tic Tac Toe was made mostly for learning purposes (and to have fun!), so don't bother with giving any feedback or suggestions. The game's source code is also available on GitHub.

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Gunslinger 2077

Gunslinger 2077 is short, fast and simple game made for 20 second Game Jam 2022. Draw your gun and prove that indeed you're the fastest gunslinger in the CyberSpace! Use your mouse to target and take down android outlaws one by one. But will you be quick enough to survive?

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Can you find your way out of 4D maze?
Try your skills and spatial imagination with this complicated 4D game. Find shortest way to exit from 12 unique, carefully designed labirynths, or chill out and explore every nook of this weird construction. Experience full three dimensional freedom of movement, as you can slide or rotate along each of 3 axes and watch how world changes around you when switching 4th coordinate.

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