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Voice Chess is a simple take on the classical game of chess, where you command the game with your voice. It supports solo play and hot-seat mode, offering an accessible platform to refine chess skills through voice-controlled gameplay, simplifying moves and strategies without the need for traditional controls - so you can play your favorite game even when cooking or doing laundry!

User Manual

The move command structure is based of Portable Game Notation (PGN) for chess. It should be just as easy as simply reading PGN move strings, with this general template:

[PIECE] [FILE] [ROW] [captures] FILE ROW [promotes to PIECE] [check|mate] 


  • PIECE is either king, queen, rook, bishop, knight. For pawn moves leave it empty (but pawn will also be recognized)
  • FILE is a name of file on board (letters A-H or their code words from NATO phonetic alphabet)
  • ROW is a name of row on board (number between 1 and 8)
  • Parts in square braces ([ and ]) are optional as in PGN description

One special case is a castling, to perform it (when conditions are met) say:

  • short castle or castle king side for kingside castling
  • long castle or castle queen side for queenside castling

Squares on a chessboard are identified with standard algebraic notation:

board coordinates chart

and a reference of chess pieces with their names:

piece names chart